Google Permissions for the WPForms Google Sheets Addon

In order for the WPForms Google Sheets addon to work seamlessly, a few permissions are granted by users during the Google Sheets addon setup. This only applies to you if you choose to use the WPForms Google Sheets addon and its functionality.

Below is a list of Google permissions we ask for and what WPForms uses them for.

Google Drive Metadata (Read Only)

WPForms uses this permission to allow you to search your Google Drive account for an existing Google Sheet to use or select a location in your Google Drive account if you decide to use a new Google Sheet as opposed to an existing one.

Google Sheets/Spreadsheets

WPForms uses this permission to create the columns and rows you specify in the Google Sheet, enable our addon to save entries into the sheet, and allow you to create new tabs in the sheet if you choose to do so.

Google Userinfo Profile

This permission is used by WPForms to allow for locale detection and subsequent translation to match user preferences.

We also use this to enable Login with Google functionality, for security permissions retainment/enforcement, marketing new features/offers, and for ownership detail monitoring.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy.