Filter used to hide the Image Choices from the email notification when using the Checkbox form field.


(bool) (Required) Determines to show or hide images inside email notifications. Default is true (to show).



More Information

The wpforms_checkbox_field_html_value_images filter can be used to hide the image choices inside the email notification for the Checkbox form field.

Similarly, the wpforms_radio_field_html_value_images filter is used in the same way when using the Multiple Choice form field. As well as the wpforms_payment-multiple_field_html_value_images is used for the Multiple Items form field.


 * Filter to hide the image choices from Checkbox
 * @link
 * @param $value_images  Default is false.
 * @return bool 

add_filter( 'wpforms_checkbox_field_html_value_images', '__return_false' );

Snippet Reference: How to Hide Image Choices in Notification Emails