How to Enable Legacy Email Template


Do you want to enable the legacy email template in WPForms? The latest version, 1.8.5+, provides a range of email templates to choose from.

with WPForms 1.8.5+, you can now select which email template you want to use for your email notifications

However, if you prefer to continue using the Legacy (HTML) template from WPForms v1.8.4 or below, we have the perfect snippet for you.

Please note that when using this snippet, certain settings on this page will not be supported with the Legacy template.

Adding the snippet

You can add this snippet to your site. If you need assistance in how to add snippets to your site, please check out this tutorial.

 * Revert to legacy 'HTML' email template, v1.8.4 and below
 * @link
 * For support, please visit:

$settings = (array) get_option( 'wpforms_settings', [] );
$settings[ 'email-template' ] = 'default';
update_option( 'wpforms_settings', $settings );

Once you’ve added this snippet, you can now go to WPForms » Settings » Email » Template and see that Legacy is now an option for you.

once the snippet is added you can now see the Legacy template as an option from the WPForms Settings page.

And that’s all you need you enable legacy email templates! Would you also like to create conditional email notifications? Take a look at our article on How to Create Conditional Email Recipients.