How to Disable the Email Suggestion on the Email Form Field


Would you like to disable the email suggestion on your WPForms? With a small PHP snippet, you can easily accomplish this. This tutorial will show you how to disable this option on all Email form fields used on your site with WPForms.

By default, all Email form fields will automatically try and suggest the email address. This is extremely helpful to catch any typo errors in the email address when visitors are completing your forms to assure accuracy.

Using a PHP snippet you can easily disable the email suggestion on Email form fields with WPForms

However, depending on the email extensions used in your country, this extra precaution may not be necessary. So we’ve created a filter that makes this helpful option easily turned off.


To turn off the email suggestion, just add this code snippet to your site

 * Turn off the email suggestion.
 * @link

// Disable email suggestion on Email form field
add_filter( 'wpforms_mailcheck_enabled', '__return_false' );

And that’s it, you’ve successfully disabled the email suggestion on your WPForms.

Once the PHP snippet is added, the email suggestion option is now turned off

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Filter Reference: wpforms_mailcheck_enabled