How to Define Your WPForms License in the WordPress Config File


Would you prefer to use the WordPress config file to define your license? You can easily do that with one line of PHP. In this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through each step to define the WPForms license inside the WordPress config file.

You can easily enter and verify your license key through the WPForms » Settings » General tab.

WPForms license key entry

However, by defining your license key inside the wp-config.php file, it will automatically populate the license key for you inside the Settings panel.

Adding the snippet

First, you’ll need to access your WordPress files on your server. Either through an FTP, cPanel or through an FTP File Manager plugin.

Once your site files are open, you’ll need to open wp-config.php for editing. This will be located in the root folder of your site.

Open wp-config file to enable debugging in WordPress

The wp-config file contains site-specific configuration settings, such as database information and, potentially, settings added by your hosting provider.

Just copy and paste the code snippet below to your wp-config.php and save the changes.

// Define license key
define( 'WPFORMS_LICENSE_KEY', 'your-license-key' );

Just replace the text your-license-key with your own license key! And that’s all you need to define your license in the WordPress config file!

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