Fires when Stripe payment is processed on form submit.


(array) Sanitized entry field values/properties.
(array) Processed form settings/data, prepared to be used later.
(int) Entry id.
(object) Stripe Payment/Charge object.
(object) Stripe Subscription object.
(object) Stripe Customer object.



More Information

The wpforms_stripe_process_complete action will process as the form is submitted. It can be used to pass through information to Stripe.


 * Fires when Stripe payment is processed on form submit.
 * @link
 * @param array  $fields         Sanitized entry field values/properties.
 * @param array  $form_data      Form data and settings.
 * @param int    $entry_id       Entry ID. Will return 0 if entry storage is disabled or using WPForms Lite.
 * @param object $payment        Stripe Payment/Charge object.
 * @param object $subscription   Stripe Subscription object.
 * @param object $customer       Stripe Customer object.

function wpf_stripe_single_payment_custom_metadata( $fields, $form_data, $entry_id, $payment, $subscription, $customer ) {
    if ( ! ( $payment instanceof \Stripe\PaymentIntent ) && ! ( $payment instanceof \Stripe\Charge ) ) {

    // Run code
    // See the related snippet below for more examples.

add_action( 'wpforms_stripe_process_complete', 'wpf_stripe_single_payment_custom_metadata', 10, 6 );

Tutorial Reference: How To Send Metadata to Stripe Payments