The wpforms_process_redirect_url filter fires on form submit to load the URL needed for the redirect.


(string) URL for the redirect.
(int) Form ID.
(array) Processed form settings/data, prepared to be used later.
(array) Sanitized field data.
(int) Entry id.



More Information

The wpforms_process_redirect_url filter that will be used to for the redirect once the form submits.


In this example, we’re going to set up the form for a redirect in the form builder settings, then based on a specific question on the form, redirect the user to different URLs based on the answer.

If you are planning on using this snippet, it’s important to remember that from the Settings tab, under the Confirmations section, please set the Confirmation Type to Go to URL (Redirect). For further information on this, please see this documentation.

 * Redirect URL.
 * @link
 * @param string     $url       URL to redirect to.
 * @param int        $form_id   The form ID.
 * @param array      $form_data Processed form settings/data.
 * @param array      $fields    Sanitized fields data.
 * @param int        $entry_id  Entry id.
 * @return string
function wpf_dev_process_redirect_url( $url, $form_id, $fields, $form_data, $entry_id ) {
// Only run on my form with ID = 879.
    if ( absint( $form_data[ 'id' ] ) !== 879 ) {
        return $fields;
	// Assign the checkbox field that shows the room number to a variable
	$room_number = $fields[4][ 'value' ]; 
	if ($room_number === "Room A") {
		// Redirect to page with Room A information
		$url = '';
	    elseif ($room_number === "Room B") {
			// Redirect to page with Room B information
			$url = '';
		    elseif ($room_number === "Room C") {
			// Redirect to page with Room C information	
			$url = '';
	    else {
			// Keep the current redirect URL that is set in the form builder settings
			$url = $url;
    return $url;
add_filter( 'wpforms_process_redirect_url', 'wpf_dev_process_redirect_url', 10, 5 );

Using this snippet means that any URL you have set on the Confirmations tab will be ignored and utilize this redirect instead.

If the user selects to reserve Room A, the form will ignore the URL from the form builder’s redirect settings on the Confirmations tab and instead redirect to a URL containing information about Room A. The loop continues through the options listed for each room with a fallback in the final else and keeps the original URL from the form builder settings.