The wpforms_user_registration_process_registration_process_user_email_exists_error_message filter used to provide a message on User Registration addon if the email address already exists.


(string) Message that displays if email address has been used previously.



More Information

The filter is used to display a message to the user if the email address already exists for another user.


 * Check email address exists.
 * @link
 * @param   string   $msg  Message that displays if email exists.
 * @return  string

function wpf_dev_user_registration_email_exists( $msg ) {
    // This is the message that would appear
    $msg =  __('A user with that username already exists. Please <a href="http://yourdomain/wp-admin/">log in here</a> to your account.', 'text-domain');
    return $msg;
add_filter( 'wpforms_user_registration_process_registration_process_user_email_exists_error_message', 'wpf_dev_user_registration_email_exists', 10, 1 );

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