Do you want to manage permissions and have access control over your WordPress forms?

The Form Locker addon allows WPForms Pro or higher users to lock your WordPress forms with various permissions and access control rules, so you can decide and control who can fill out forms on your website.

This added protection helps decrease the number of unwanted form submissions.

Our Form Locker addon allows you to:

  • Password Protect Forms – Require users to enter a password in order to access the form.
  • Restrict Ages on Forms – Require a specific birthdate to be entered before a form can be used.
  • Restrict Email Addresses on Forms – Only allow users who enter a valid email address and click on an email verification link to access your form.
  • Close Form Submissions After Specific Date / Time – Stop accepting entries on time-sensitive forms like job applications or contests.
  • Restrict Forms to Members Only – Restrict your forms to logged-in users of your WordPress site for things like membership content or providing premium support to paid customers only.
  • Limit the Number of Total Submissions – Set a maximum amount of entities and when you’ve received them, WPForms will automatically close the form.
  • Limit Entries per IP Address – Decide how many entries someone at a specific IP address can submit per day, month, week, or year.
  • Limit Entries per Email Address – Choose how many entries someone using a specific email address can submit per day, month, week, or year.

If you are looking for a WordPress form plugin that comes with permissions and access control, then WPForms Pro and the Form Locker addon is the best option for you!

We literally took the pain out of creating WordPress forms and made it easy.

What are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today!