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7 Top Asana Integrations for 2024 (Save Time + Money)

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Are you looking for the top Asana integrations?

Asana is an awesome project management tool. Adding integrations can speed up your workflow and improve your efficiency.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some cool ways to integrate your Asana projects with other services.

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Is Asana Free?

Yes! There’s a free version of Asana for teams of 15 people or fewer. It lets you create unlimited teams and projects, and up to 1,000 tasks per team.

The free version has the same security features as the paid version. It doesn’t have advanced features like timeline views, custom fields, or milestones.

Asana homepage

If you’re just starting out, the free version of Asana will let you use all of the most important features. Over time, you can upgrade to the paid version to unlock admin controls and functionality.

Let’s look at some important Asana integrations to try in the free and paid versions.

Top Asana Integrations

1. WPForms: Connect Your Form Data

Our #1 Asana integration is WPForms.

WPForms is the best form builder plugin for WordPress. It lets you create any type of WordPress form and get unlimited responses.

The WPForms homepage

WPForms comes with 1,800+ WordPress form templates that allow you to quickly build any type of form including:

If you get a lot of form submissions, it makes sense to automatically create an Asana task for each one. That way you can follow up on each one and tick it off so you don’t lose track.

With WPForms, connecting your forms to Asana is simple.

You’ll want to install and activate the Zapier addon to start.

Installing the Zapier addon

WPForms makes it easy to connect your forms to Zapier. In your form’s Marketing settings, you’ll see the API key you need to create the connection. And you’ll see some example integrations too.

Opening the Zapier settings in the Marketing tab of the form builder

Once Zapier is connected to WPForms, you can easily send the content of any form submission to Asana.

To learn how to create this top Asana integration, check out this article on how to create an Asana task from a WordPress form.

A WPForms-Asana zap

You can use this integration in a few different ways. For example, you can use a form submission to:

  • Make an Asana project from a form entry
  • Create a task in an existing project when a form is submitted
  • Add a task to a specific section of a project to keep things organized
  • Create a sub-task under an existing task
  • And more.

2. WordPress: Create Automated Publishing Tasks

Did you know that you can make tasks in Asana right from your WordPress dashboard? This makes it easy to create reminders when you’re working on your site.

To set up this integration, you’ll want to download the Completionist plugin. It works with any regular project in Asana except for Personal Projects.

After you install and activate the plugin, open the Completionist settings in WordPress.

Completionist settings in WordPress

Next, you’ll want to open up the Asana development console. Click the button to create a new Personal Access Token.

Create a new personal access token in Asana

Now switch back and paste the access token into the Completionist settings. Tick the checkbox to agree to the terms and click Authorize.

Personal Access Token from Asana in WordPress

The plugin will confirm that your WordPress Asana integration is set up.

Completionist connected WordPress to Asana

Next, scroll down a little and select your business project from the first dropdown. Remember: you can’t use Personal Projects for this integration.

In the second dropdown, choose or type in a tag for the tasks you create. Then click Save.

Connect Asana to WordPress

Now when you edit any post or page in WordPress you’ll see a tasks pane. You can use this to add a task in Asana right from the WordPress dashboard.

When you click Add Task, it’s sent immediately to your Asana project and tagged with your chosen tag.

Create Asana task in WordPress with integration

Here’s what our new WordPress task looks like in Asana:

New WordPress task in Asana

The plugin also lets you create automated tasks in Asana.

For example, you can have it automatically create a task in Asana each time a new post is created on your WordPress site.

This could save you tons of time when making content plans or managing a team of writers. Also, you don’t have to buy a separate to-do list plugin for WordPress, so it could save you money.

3. Slack: Share Task Status With Your Team

If you’re working in a remote team, keeping everyone on the same page can be tricky. That’s why we chose Slack as one of our top Asana integrations.

It’s easy to connect Asana to Slack so everyone sees task updates in their own private channel.

To add the Asana app, just click the plus icon next to Add apps in the Slack sidebar.

Add top Asana integrations

When you complete the integration, each user can add a new Asana channel under Apps.

And this channel automatically shows activity in Asana right inside Slack.

Slack integration in Asana

This integration is neat because you can also update Asana tasks from Slack.

In the dropdown next to the Asana message, it’s easy to:

  • Mark Asana tasks as complete
  • Like a task or a comment
  • Change the assignee or due date
  • And more.

Slack task in Asana

This top Asana integration helps to make project management easier and saves time switching back and forth between applications.

4. Trello: Visualize Your Workflow

If you’re an avid Trello user, importing tasks from Asana will help you to visualize your to-do lists.

But here’s the neat thing: you can also integrate them the opposite way round!

For example, you could use Asana to keep up with your Trello due dates by creating a zap like this:

Trello Asana integration with Zapier

And you could then create another integration to mark completed Asana tasks as new Trello cards. It’s perfect if you want to organize your work in both tools.

Zapier lets you get creative because there are so many different triggers and actions. You can cook up a custom Trello-Asana workflow that keeps everything in sync and suits the way you work.

PS. Did you know that you can also use WPForms with Trello? Check out this guide on how to make Trello cards from form entries.

5. Toggl Track: Take Time for Your Tasks

Do your employees use Toggl Track to track their work time?

It’s super easy to integrate Toggl with Asana so you can see exactly how long each task is taking.

And the awesome thing about this integration is that you can use the Toggl Button extension to allocate time against Asana tasks.

This integration will automatically pull in Asana users and projects. If you want to also sync your Asana tasks, you’ll need to have the Pro plan for Toggl Track.

To start, log in to Toggl Track. Click Settings on the left.

Toggl Track settings

And now click Integrations from the tabs across the top.

Toggl integrations settings

Scroll down until you find the Asana integration and click Enable.

Enable Asana integration

When prompted, click Allow to set up your Asana integration in Toggl.

Allow Asana Toggl integration

Once the connection is complete, click each Sync Now button one by one to pull in your Asana details. As we mentioned up top, you’ll need the Pro plan to pull in Asana tasks.

Sync Asana with Toggl

That’s it! Now you can track time against Asana projects using Toggl Track.

Here’s another tip. You can easily send data from WPForms to Toggl as well. Check out our guide to using form submissions to kick off your Toggl project.

6. Google Drive: Collaborate With the Team

For any remote team, Google Drive is a top Asana integration and a must-have for productivity.

Asana lets you easily add files from Google Docs or Google Sheets as file attachments. Under each attachment, you’ll see a link that lets you easily open it in Google Drive.

If you’re used to simply pasting in links to images, you may have missed this useful feature.

Open Asana Google Drive attachment

Next time you share an image, don’t paste the link. Instead, click the paperclip icon and click Google Drive.

Attach Google Drive in Asana

When you log in to Google Drive, you’ll see all of your files and you can share them directly in Asana without pasting links or uploading them manually.

7. Loom: Share Visual Instructions

Loom lets you create short screen recordings that you can easily share with your team.

It also allows you to record your mic and webcam so you can easily explain steps, create overviews, or record quick tutorials.

Loom video example for Asana integration

You can easily embed your Loom video in any project overview. This top Asana integration makes it easy to give your team an overview of a project without spending tons of time writing it all down.

After making your Loom video, open it up in your browser. At the top, click the arrow to share, then click Copy Link.

Copy Loom link for Asana integration

Back in Asana, head to your project and click the Overview tab at the top.

Project overview tab in Asana

The overview page lets you set up the basic goals and background for a project. Let’s scroll down a little and click Create project brief.

Create Asana project brief

Now you’ll see a blank workspace for your project brief. Paste in your Loom URL to embed your overview video.

Asana Loom integration

Now you can direct your team to your new Asana project. They’ll find your video brief right there in Asana so everything they need is in 1 place..

This is an awesome way to speed up the process of creating briefs in Asana. You can quickly record a Loom clip to explain your goals and embed the video in seconds.

Even better, this Asana integration works perfectly with the free Loom plan, so it’s affordable for everyone.

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Next, Explore WPForms Integrations

Did you know that WPForms integrates with tons of different tools and addons? You can easily send form submissions to tons of different applications.

Check out our guides on:

If an employee decides to leave, you can also ask these exit survey questions to get valuable feedback that’ll improve your workflow.

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