Want more form conversions?

When we talk to our customers, their #1 goal is to get more submissions from their forms and make more sales.

The Lead Forms Addon allows you to create simple, attractive forms that are super easy to fill out. By showing one question at a time, Lead Forms builds on the principles of our Conversational Forms Addon.

With Lead Forms, you can embed your finished form on any post or page – just as you would with a regular contact form.

It makes your forms less intimidating and easier to fill out. This helps to reduce form abandonment and increase the completion rates on your most important forms.

By giving your forms a conversational touch, you’ll make them more appealing. And our Lead Forms are fully customizable to match your site’s theme. Build a new form or convert an existing one and you’re good to go.

With our Lead Forms Addon, you can:

  • Build unlimited Lead Forms: Create as many forms as you need to grow your business faster.
  • Embed forms anywhere: Just like a regular form, Lead Forms can be embedded in any post, page, or block on your WordPress site.
  • Take advantage of no-code simplicity: Build your forms in the regular WPForms builder. No coding skills needed.
  • Convert existing forms: Easily turn a regular form into a Lead Form in one click – no need to rebuild your forms from scratch.
  • Use custom styling: Easily control the colors of your Lead Forms so that they match your website theme.
  • Import and Export Styles: Made an awesome form that attracts your visitors’ attention? Quickly copy the styling and apply it to another Lead Form so that they match.

We’ve taken the hard work out of creating forms that convert and help you to grow your business.

What are you waiting for? Get WPForms Pro today!