Nonprofit Form Templates

Fundraise, fill your volunteer roster, and manage events with our nonprofit form templates. By making it easier for donors and volunteers to contribute, you’ll be able to focus on your mission.
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134 Nonprofit Form Templates

House Inventory Form Template

House Inventory Form

Itemize every item in your house and attach value to each item for insurance purposes.

Grade Book Form Template

Grade Book Form

Collect student information and all assignments into one convenient location.

Girl Scout Cookie Order Form Template

Girl Scout Cookie Order Form

Use the Girl Scout Cookie order form template to collect cookie orders.

General Donation Form Template

General Donation Form

Use the general donation form template to give your visitors an easy way to donate for charity.

Fundraiser Registration Form Template

Fundraiser Registration Form

Gather info from those interested in using your venue or services to raise money for their cause.

Volunteer Recruitment Form Template

Volunteer Recruitment Form

Use the volunteer recruitment form template for volunteer signup with your organization.

Family Reunion Registration Form Template

Family Reunion Registration Form

Keep track of your attendees and see what kind of activities they want to participate in.

Donation Form Template

Donation Form

Use the donation form template to collect one-time or recurring donations via PayPal.

Sponsorship Request Form Template

Sponsorship Request Form

Gather information from nonprofits looking for sponsors to fund their causes.

Prayer Request Form Template

Prayer Request Form

Gather prayer requests of all kinds from church members and visitors.

Church Membership Form Template

Church Membership Form

Get information about your newest church members so you can welcome them into your group.

Church Donation Form Template

Church Donation Form

Collect donations or pledges for your church or cause.

Pledge Drive Form Template

Pledge Drive Form

Use the pledge drive form template to accept pledge donations from those supporting your cause.

Baseball League Registration Form Template

Baseball League Registration Form

Collect information for your baseball or softball league so players can sign up easily.

Tips for Creating Nonprofit Forms That Convert

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Can I build a nonprofit site with WordPress?

Yes. It’s easy to create a website for your nonprofit using WordPress. WordPress hosting is typically very affordable and lets you run your entire website by yourself.

When you set up your site, be sure to install the WPForms plugin. You’ll get access to all of our pre-made form templates, including contact forms and donation forms. By creating forms from a template, you’ll be able to launch your nonprofit site quickly and easily.

Does WPForms offer a nonprofit discount?

Yes! WPForms would like to support your cause by providing a discounted license for WPForms Pro or WPForms Elite.

If you already have a WordPress website, you’re good to go. All you need to do is contact our support team to apply.

You’ll find full details on our WordPress Forms for Nonprofits page.

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