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Charity Auction Registration Form Template

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Auction Participation

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Price: $150.00

Launching a charity auction and need a straightforward way to manage participant registrations, track participation preferences, and process payments? The Charity Auction Registration Form Template by WPForms is the ideal solution!

How Does the Charity Auction Registration Form Template Work?

This template requires the WPForms Basic License and utilizes various Fancy Fields to collect essential information from participants, ensuring a seamless registration process. Here’s a detailed description of the fields included in the template:

  • Personal Information:
    • Full Name: Captures the complete name of the participant registering for the auction.
    • Email Address: Used to send confirmations and auction-related updates.
    • Phone Number: Essential for urgent communications or last-minute updates.
    • House Address: Where to send physical tickets or auction information.
  • Auction Participation:
    • Bidder Number (if pre-assigned): Allows participants to enter their assigned bidder number if they have one.
    • Interested in Volunteering?: Checkbox for participants who wish to volunteer during the event.
    • Preferred Auction Categories: Allows participants to select the categories of items they are most interested in bidding on.
  • Payment Information:
    • Registration Fee: Indicates the cost to register for the auction, if applicable.
    • Payment Information: Payment details for the registration fee are securely collected.

The Charity Auction Registration Form Template is perfect for organizations, schools, and community groups that are organizing auction events. Sign up with WPForms and access the template today to make your next event a huge success!