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Explore our Medical Form Templates to streamline health-related processes efficiently. These templates are designed for health institutions, medical practices, and healthcare professionals. Simplify patient interactions, appointment bookings, and medical record management with WPForms' specialized medical templates.
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39 Medical Form Templates

Emergency Contact Form Template

Emergency Contact Form

Gather emergency contact information and store it in your WordPress admin area.

Gym Registration Form Template

Gym Registration Form

Use the gym registration form template to get the information you need to enroll new gym members.

Health Insurance Quote Form Template

Health Insurance Quote Form

Collect client information so you can give them the best health insurance quotes for their needs.

Nursery Accident Log Form Template

Nursery Accident Log Form

Log accidents in a childcare or nursery setting and get a signature from the employee.

Yoga Consultation Form Template

Yoga Consultation Form

Let people submit their details to you in order to be considered for your coaching or classes.

Repeat Prescription Order Form Template

Repeat Prescription Order Form

Allow patients to order repeat prescriptions from their doctor online. 

GP Surgery Appointment Booking Form Template

GP Surgery Appointment Booking Form

Let your patients easily book an appointment with a doctor or nurse.

Medical History Form Template

Medical History Form

Retrieve patient medical history details and collect a signature.

Blood Donation Form Template

Blood Donation Form

The blood donation form template lets donors sign up directly on your website.

Organ Donation Form Template

Organ Donation Form

Try this Organ Donation Form Template to help users make organ donation applications easily.

Telehealth Consent Form Template

Telehealth Consent Form

Collect consent for telehealth services straight from your website.

Request for Medical Records Form Template

Request for Medical Records Form

Process medical records requests online with this customizable form template.

Counseling Intake Form Template

Counseling Intake Form

Screen potential clients for counseling services with this form template.

Dental Medical Release Form Template

Dental Medical Release Form

Process dental medical release requests directly from your website.

Medical Records Release Form Template

Medical Records Release Form

Facilitate the crucial process of releasing medical records with the utmost ease.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) Form Template

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) Form

A crucial step in safeguarding the members of your community.

Field Trip Medical Release Form Template

Field Trip Medical Release Form

Ensure school field trip safety with our customizable Medical Release Form Template.

Positive Covid Test Results Form Template

Positive Covid Test Results Form

Allows website users to inform you of a positive diagnosis online, right away.

Negative Covid Test Results Form Template

Negative Covid Test Results Form

Enables users to notify you of their negative Covid test directly through your website.

Medical Emergency Contact Form Template

Medical Emergency Contact Form

For healthcare facilities that want to help with patient information management.

Child Health Assessment Form Template

Child Health Assessment Form

A great solution for collecting health-related information about a child for further evaluation.

Blood Donation Registration Form Template

Blood Donation Registration Form

Helps simplify the donor registration process for those interested in donating blood.

Pain Assessment Form Template

Pain Assessment Form

A form that saves you time and ensures that your patients receive the best possible care.

Health Insurance Claim Form Template

Health Insurance Claim Form

This template ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for both the claimant and the processor.

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