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Organ Donation Form Template

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If you’re a hospital, nonprofit, or government agency that helps to arrange organ donations, you’ll need an efficient way of collecting donor information. The WPForms’ Organ Donation Form Template is an excellent tool for this.

When it comes to organ donation forms, the key to seamlessly creating legally acceptable agreements is obtaining clear, willing consent. The WPForms’ Organ Donation Form Template is designed to reflect this.

The form begins with the Name, Email, Phone, Address and Date of Birth fields, which are crucial for building a donor profile and for making contact where necessary.

The template also uses paragraph text fields in several places to allow donors some room to express themselves in detail. For instance, there are paragraph text fields covering questions such as which organs the donor would like to donate, whether they have any chronic illnesses, what medication—if any, they are on, and so on.

You’ll see a dropdown asking where the user wants their organs donated. This field is so important because some users have a preference for donating their organs to scientific and medical research, while others prefer to donate their organs to individuals with health challenges. The dropdown includes both options along with the option of choosing both.

Once all the fields on this form are filled out, donors will be prompted to upload a recent medical report using the file upload field. Once this is done, they can then sign and submit the form.

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