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Child Health Assessment Form Template

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Child's Personal Information

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Developmental History

Overall Health

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The Child Health Assessment Form Template by WPForms is a great solution for pediatric caregivers and health providers that are looking for a simple and straightforward way to collect health-related information about a child for further evaluation.

How Does the Child Health Assessment Form Template Work?

The Child Health Assessment Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License to work efficiently. It also uses the Signature Addon to capture the consent of the parent to conduct a detailed health assessment. Here’s a brief description of the fields included in the template:

  • Child’s Personal Information:
    • Full Name: Records the child’s name for personalized assessment and record-keeping.
    • Date of Birth: Essential for age-related health evaluations and vaccine schedules.
    • Gender: Provides important information for gender-specific health considerations.
    • Parent’s Name: The primary caregiver’s name for communications.
    • Phone: Contact number of the parent for scheduling and urgent updates.
    • Email: For sending health reports and appointment reminders.
  • Medical History:
    • Birth History: Details like term of birth and birth weight, important for early health.
    • Immunization Record: Tracks vaccinations to ensure the child is up-to-date.
    • Known Allergies: Critical for preventing allergic reactions in care settings.
    • Previous Hospitalizations: Information on past significant health events.
    • Chronic Illnesses: Details of any ongoing health conditions.
    • Medications Currently Taken: Essential for medication management and avoiding interactions.
  • Developmental History:
    • Milestones Achieved: Tracks developmental progress like walking, talking, etc.
    • Current School Grade: Provides context on the child’s educational stage.
    • Performance in School: Offers insights into the child’s learning and social environment.
    • Behavioral Issues Noted: Important to identify any need for behavioral interventions.
  • Overall Health:
    • Typical Daily Diet: Assesses nutritional habits and potential dietary concerns.
    • Any Special Dietary Needs: Identifies specific nutritional requirements or restrictions.
    • Frequency of Physical Activity: Vital for understanding the child’s physical health.
    • Average Hours of Sleep Per Night: Sleep is crucial for a child’s health and development.
    • Observations and Concerns: Allows parents to voice any specific worries or observations about their child’s health.
  • Parent Consent for Assessment:
    • Checkbox: Acknowledgment and consent for the health assessment.
    • Signature and Date: Confirms the accuracy and agreement by the parent.

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