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Health Insurance Claim Form Template

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Policyholder Information

Residential Address

Employment Information

Patient Information (if different from policyholder)

Incident/Claim Information

Authorization and Consent

Clear Signature

The Health Insurance Claim Form Template by WPForms helps improve claim processes for any organization. It ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for both the claimant and the processor.

How Does the Health Insurance Claim Form Template Work?

The Health Insurance Claim Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to efficiently collect all information from the claimant and receive their authorization to process the claim. Fields include:

  • Policyholder Information:
    • Name: The claimant’s full name for record-keeping purposes.
    • Date of Birth: Essential for verifying the claimant’s identity and eligibility.
    • Policy Number: The unique identifier of the claimant’s health insurance policy.
    • Email Address: For efficient and direct communication regarding the claim.
    • Phone Number: A secondary means of contact, vital for quick communication.
    • Residential Address: Important for records and any necessary correspondence.
  • Employment Information:
    • Employer Name: To learn if the insurance is provided through employment
    • Employer Email: For correspondence related to the claim.
    • Employer Phone: A direct line to the employer for any clarifications.
    • Occupation: Helps in understanding the context of the insurance coverage.
  • Patient Information (if different from policyholder):
    • Patient Name: In cases where the claimant and the patient are different.
    • Relationship to Policy Holder: The connection between the claimant and the patient.
    • Patient’s Date of Birth: Essential for verifying the patient’s identity.
    • Address (if different): The patient’s address, if different from the claimant’s.
  • Incident/Claim Information:
    • Date of Service: The specific date when the medical service was provided.
    • Description of Services: Detailed account of the medical services.
    • Total Amount Claimed: The monetary value of the claim.
    • Reason for Visit: Understanding the nature of the medical visit.
  • Authorization and Consent:
    • Checkbox: A crucial legal requirement for processing the claim.
    • Signature and Date: Formalizes the submission of the claim and agreement.

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