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Yoga Consultation Form Template

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The Yoga Consultation Form template helps individuals enroll for yoga coaching or classes online. By integrating this form template into your website, you can register individuals for your yoga training facility and gather their details to provide tailored services to the participants.

How Does the Yoga Consultation Form Template Work?

The Yoga Consultation Form template is well-structured as it’s divided into 3 steps to capture the individuals’ information.

In the first step, the form asks for the participants’ details like their names, emails, phones, and addresses. These details are essential for identification and personalized communication. Also, participants can share their birthdates and occupations, helping you understand the demographics and backgrounds of the participants. They can also specify how they learned about your yoga classes, whether through radio, friends, or something else. This helps you gauge the most effective marketing channel for your business.

Furthermore, participants can share whether they practiced yoga previously or not, helping you curate classes tailored to newbies and experienced ones accordingly.

The form then asks for the participant’s emergency contact person details, like their name and phone number, to ensure the safety and well-being of participants.

In the second step, the form inquires about the participants’ medical condition. Participants can share their medical conditions in detail in the designated field box, enabling yoga staff to take precautions and care beforehand. Female participants can share where they are pregnant, or there are chances of the same to ensure they do the appropriate training according to their condition. Moreover, participants can specify their areas of pain by selecting from options like shoulder, neck, upper back, glutes, and more.

The last step, the third step, asks for participants’ digital signatures as a formal acknowledgment of the submitted information.

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