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Gym Registration Form Template

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Pre-existing medical conditions

Need a gym registration form template to boost memberships?  It’s a smart idea to use a form to enroll new members in your gym and learn important information about them. You can get started right away

What’s in the Gym Registration Form Template?

With WPForms’ gym registration form template, you can gather people’s names, contact information, membership start date and duration, and medical conditions you should know about before they begin an exercise regimen.

This information makes it easy to understand your clients, their current health status, and how long they wish to use your gym services.

There’s a checkboxes field for learning about any pre-existing medical conditions. A paragraph field follows where individuals can enter more details and notes about their medical conditions. This information gives you more context about their overall health.

Utilizing the Gym Membership Form Template by WPForms

Want to convert more interested people into actual gym members? Add another checkboxes form field to your gym registration form and list a number of activities or services you have available to find out what people are looking for.

Find out whether they want group classes, a pool, sauna, massage therapist, tanning beds, or personal trainers. Then, customize a membership plan to meet their needs and budget and watch your member numbers increase.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today to create your own gym registration form. Apart from this form, we have tons of other super useful form templates for a variety of different purposes.