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Field Trip Medical Release Form Template

Ensure school field trip safety with our customizable Medical Release Form Template.

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The field trip and activities covered by this consent include day trips and residential visits during the current school year. You can withdraw consent for individual events by emailing the school office.
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Prepare for school field trips with full authorization using our Field Trip Medical Release form template. This customizable template streamlines the process of gathering necessary medical information and parental consent for every student’s well-being.

What’s in the Field Trip Medical Release Form Template?

The field trip medical release form template covers all the information and fields that you may require to collect the necessary details and get parents’ authorization for the school field trip.

    • Student Information Section: The form captures essential details for each student, including their full name, date of birth, known allergies, and existing medical conditions. This will provide you with a detailed understanding of student’s health needs.
    • Guardian Details Section: This form will let you collect contact information for parents or guardians. This section is vital for prompt communication in the event of any medical issues during the field trip.
    • Medical History Section: You can get a record of students’ medical history, including past medications, vaccinations, and specific known health concerns. This information is crucial for providing appropriate care and addressing medical needs during the trip.
    • Consent Section: Get parental or guardian consent for emergency medical treatment. The form mentions the importance of obtaining necessary permissions in case immediate medical attention is required so parents or guardians are aware of it.

You can customize the field trip medical release form template to your school’s needs using WPForms’ drag-and-drop form builder. With this, you can modify fields effortlessly and maintain consistency in collecting essential medical information on a field trip form.

Get WPForms today and safeguard the well-being of your students during field trips with the Field Trip Medical Release Form Template. Simplify the documentation process and ensure a secure, organized approach to student health and safety.