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Softball Tryout Form Template

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Player Information

Softball Player's name
If between grades, list the grade the player will be in at the start of the next school year.
Check all positions previously played
Trying out for... (select all that apply)
Player Bats
Player Throws

Contact Information

Parent/Guardian Name
Emergency Contact Name


Permission & Agreement
I give the player stated here permission to play in this softball league pursuant to all the terms and regulations that apply.

Are you organizing softball tryouts for your school, community, or recreational team? If so, then you need the Softball Tryout Form Template from WPForms.

When it comes to hosting tryouts, assessing player skills and ensuring consent are paramount. So, we’ve designed a tryout form template that empowers coaches and organizers to efficiently gather all of the crucial details.

What Goes Onto a Softball Tryout Form?

On our Softball Tryout Form Template, users will find all of the necessary fields that feature these key components:

  • Player Insights: The Softball Tryout Form effectively captures player information. From the softball player’s name to their date of birth and grade, each of these details is important. “Number of previous seasons played” offers experience and context, while listing the player’s primary position and secondary position highlights their versatility.
  • Positional Proficiency: Players can indicate their previous positions, aiding coaches in understanding experience. Additionally, they can specify positions they’re trying out for, ensuring informed team placements.
  • Batting and Throwing Skills: “Player Bats” and “Player Throws” fields reveal the player’s specific skills, while “Batting Average” and “Throwing Average” showcase performance metrics, which help to guide coaching strategies.
  • Contact and Emergency Details: The Contact Information section ensures seamless communication with parents and guardians. The “Parent/Guardian Name,” “Email,” and “Phone” fields facilitate updates, while the “Emergency Contact Name” and “Phone” fields ensure preparedness in the case of an emergency.
  • Permission and Agreement: Lastly, the Permission & Agreement segment provides consent. Parents or guardians grant permission for player participation, and are required to acknowledge league terms and regulations. Here, you’ll want to customize the form to display your own organization’s rules and regulations.

If you’re a softball coach, league organizer, or trainer, this is the form template for you. Sign up with WPForms today to create your own Softball Tryout Form. Signing up grants access to this and hundreds of other form templates.