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Gym Membership Renewal Form Template

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The Gym Membership Renewal Form Template by WPForms makes the renewal process straightforward for existing members, ensuring they can continue their fitness journey without interruption.

How Does the Gym Membership Renewal Form Template Work?

The Gym Membership Renewal Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to collect client information and acquire their consent for processing the renewal. Fields include:

  • Name: Records the full name of the member renewing their gym membership.
  • Email: Used to send renewal confirmations and other gym-related communications.
  • Phone: A contact number to reach the member for any updates or offers.
  • Membership #: The unique identifier for the member’s account.
  • Date of Renewal: The specific date when the membership renewal is processed.
  • Comments/Feedback: Allows members to provide comments about their gym experience.
  • Confirmation: A verification tool that members select to confirm their intention to renew.
  • Signature Field: To acquire the consent of the client requesting for a membership renewal.
  • Renewal Fee: Displays the total cost of membership renewal.
  • Payment Information: A secure field integrated via Stripe is used to process the renewal fee.

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