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Meditation Session Registration Form Template

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Personal Details

Medical History

Meditation Experience

Acknowledgment & Assumption of Risk

Consent for Emergency
Assumption of Risk
Release of Liability
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The Meditation Session Registration Form Template by WPForms is designed for health practitioners, psychologists, and therapists who want to simplify enrollment for individuals seeking to participate in meditation sessions.

How Does the Meditation Session Registration Form Template Work?

The Meditation Session Registration Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to collect the necessary information from clients and acquire their consent for the terms and conditions. Fields include:

  • Personal Details:
    • Full Name: Collects the participant’s full legal name.
    • Date of Birth: Records the participant’s birth date for age group sessions.
    • Phone Number: A direct contact number for session updates or urgent communication.
    • Email Address: Used for sending confirmations, updates, and further instructions.
    • Emergency Contact Name: Someone who can be contacted in an emergency.
    • Emergency Contact Number: A direct line to the participant’s emergency contact.
  • Medical History:
    • Do you have any existing medical conditions?: Identifies any health issues that could affect the participant’s experience.
    • List any surgeries or major injuries: Information about past surgeries or injuries to accommodate during sessions.
    • Current Medications (if any): Details about medications that might need to be considered during the session.
  • Meditation Experience:
    • Have you practiced meditation before?: Determines the participant’s experience level with meditation.
    • If yes, how long and what type(s) of meditation?: Additional details about the participant’s meditation background.
  • Acknowledgment & Assumption of Risk:
    • Consent and Liability Release: To ensure the participant acknowledges the terms and potential risks.
    • Signature and Date: A field for the participant to sign, validating the information and consent provided.
    • Registration Fee: Displays the total cost involved for registering to the meditation classes.
    • Payment Information: A payment field that is integrated via Stripe for secure fee processing.

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