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Pet Age Calculator Form Template

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Enter your full name.
Select your pet type.
The date to calculate your pet's age on.
Your pets age according to calendar.
Enter your email address.
Choose your pet's date of birth.
Your pet's total age in months
Your pet's age in human years.

The Pet Age Calculator Form Template by WPForms is a great tool for pet blogs and websites that want to offer their visitors an instant way to calculate the age of their pets, like dogs, cats, and rabbits, via a simple form.

How Does the Pet Age Calculator Form Template Work?

The Pet Age Calculator Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Calculations Addon to collect information about the pet and automatically calculate their age using different methods. Fields include:

  • Full Name: Captures the pet owner’s name, adding a personal touch to the calculation.
  • Email Address: Where users can receive the results and future pet-related insights.
  • Pet Type Selector: A dropdown to select their pet’s species—dog, cat, or rabbit.
  • Pet Date of Birth: A date selector that helps kick off the age calculation process.
  • Find Age on: This field allows users to pick a specific date to calculate their pet’s age.
  • Pet’s Age in Months: Calculated based on the pet’s date of birth and the chosen date.
  • Pet’s Exact Age: Breaks down the pet’s age into years, months, and days.
  • Pet’s Age in Human Years: Translate your pet’s age into human years.

Sign up with WPForms today and access the Pet Age Calculator Form Template. It is perfect for veterinarians, pet bloggers, animal shelters, and pet-related businesses looking to offer a fun and valuable tool to their audience.