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Personal Budget Planner Form Template

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Enter your full name for record-keeping purposes.
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Enter your total monthly income (exclusive of taxes).
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Enter total amounts for mortgages, car payments, student loans, etc
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Enter your total gas, electricity, and water bill expenses
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Rail, bus, coach expenses; Car (insurance, fuel, maintenance)
The total income based on your monthly salary and other avenues.
Enter your email address to receive a copy of the results.
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Grants, money from parents, disability benefits
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Tuition fees, accommodation costs, course materials
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Enter your monthly groceries and food ordering costs
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Entertainment, hobbies, clothes, monthly subscriptions
The total expenses based on the $ values provided in the fields above.

The Personal Budget Planner Form Template by WPForms can be used by financial bloggers, websites, and budget coaches who want to provide their visitors with an instant way to calculate their expenses and total savings.

How Does the Personal Budget Planner Form Template Work?

The Personal Budget Planner Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Calculations Addon to collect user information related to their income, expenses, and more and then automatically calculate their spare cash or overspend total. Fields include:

  • Full Name: Personalizes the budgeting journey right from the start.
  • Email Address: Where you’ll send the budget summary and tips for financial health.
  • Monthly Salary: Identifies the individual’s primary source of income.
  • Other Income: Any additional money coming in each month.
  • Loan Expenses: Monthly payments towards loans or debts.
  • University Fees: If they invest in education, include those costs here.
  • Household Bills: Utilities, rent, or mortgage—keep track of them all.
  • Groceries: Monthly expenditure on food and household supplies.
  • Travel Costs: Expenses on commuting or fuel.
  • Miscellaneous: For all other expenses that don’t fit the above categories.
  • Total Income: An auto-calculated sum of all earnings.
  • Total Expenses: Auto-calculated to show total outgoings.
  • Spare Cash: Automatically shows what’s left after expenses.
  • Overspend Total: Calculates if you’re spending more than you earn.

Sign up with WPForms today and access the Personal Budget Planner Form Template. It is ideal for personal finance enthusiasts, budgeting coaches, and anyone looking to get a grip on their finances via a simple calculation tool.