Consulting Request Form Template

The consulting request form template is designed to make it easy for clients and prospects to contact consulting firms or other professional services companies. If you’re a management consultant, lawyer, accountant, and so on, this is a must-have for your contact page.

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What Makes a Great Consulting Request Form Template?

The Consulting Request Form Template begins with the basics. First, the form collects the name and address of the person filling the form. Users will then be required to select whether they are requesting consulting services for a private individual or for an organization.

Using conditional logic, if the user chooses the organization option, the form will then request the name of the company or organization.

Consulting firms can expect clients from different industries. This means that, very often, your clients will have very different needs and may need to be attended to by different departments or teams within your firm.

The WPForms consulting request form template takes this into account, allowing users to choose from a number of industry categories. Depending on the industry chosen, form submission notifications can be sent to different email addresses, so that users can be contact the team or department most relevant to them.

The Consulting Request Form Template uses multiple notifications and conditional logic to make this possible. These settings can also be modified to segment users by service line rather than industry, you prefer.

The template also features a message section labeled “What are your needs?”. This section can be used to elaborate on the nature of the consulting needs that the prospect has.


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