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Farm Share Subscription Form Template

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Are you looking to support local farmers and help subscribers enjoy fresh, seasonal produce? Our Farm Share Subscription Form Template is the ultimate solution for individuals and families looking to embark on a journey of sustainable eating.

Using the Farm Share Subscription Form Template

These are the key fields and features that make this form template a must-have for farm share programs:

  • Subscriber Information: Gather the subscriber’s name and essential contact details to ensure seamless communication and delivery coordination throughout the subscription process.
  • Order Date: Log the date of each subscription order, providing clarity and organization for both subscribers and farm share providers.
  • Order Type: Offer flexibility by allowing subscribers to choose between picking up their farm share or opting for convenient delivery to their doorstep. This choice accommodates varying schedules and preferences, enhancing the overall subscriber experience.
  • Time of Pickup: Streamline the pickup process by prompting subscribers to specify their preferred pickup time. This field appears only if the user selects the option from the Order Type menu.
  • Delivery Address: Simplify the delivery process by enabling subscribers to input their delivery address directly into the form. The address field also appears only if the form user selects the delivery option.
  • Dietary Preferences/Restrictions: Cater to individual dietary needs and preferences by allowing subscribers to specify any dietary restrictions or preferences. This information enables farm share providers to customize the contents of each box, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience for subscribers.
  • Subscription Plan: This form offers a range of subscription plans, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options, each with corresponding pricing. This flexibility allows subscribers to choose the plan that best fits their budget and consumption habits, promoting long-term commitment to the farm share program.
  • Total and Credit Card: Streamline the payment process by calculating and displaying the total subscription cost based on the selected plan and any additional charges. Then, allow subscribers to conveniently pay for their farm share subscription using a credit card.

With our Farm Share Subscription Form Template, farm share programs can attract and retain subscribers with a seamless, customizable, and user-friendly subscription experience. Get the template from WPForms today!