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Photo Package Order Form Template

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Would you like to offer your photo package selection to potential customers directly on your website? If so, then we recommend getting our Photo Package Order Form Template for your site.

With this form template, your website visitors and customers can request the type of photography service they’d like from you.

Using the Photo Package Order Form Template

While we encourage you to customize this form with your own packages and information, our template includes these key elements to get you started:

  • Customer Information: Gather essential customer details–Name, Email, Phone, and Shipping Address–for a personalized experience, ensuring smooth communication and delivery.
  • Package Type: Offer your customers flexibility with Basic, Premium, and Deluxe packages, catering to various preferences and needs.
  • Specific Photo Requests: Tailor the photo package by allowing customers to select specific themes like Family Portraits, Glamour Shots, Pets and Babies, or On-Scene Photoshoots.
  • Add-ons: Enhance customization with additional prints, framed photos, photo albums, or digital copies, ensuring customers get precisely what they desire.
  • Photo Size Preferences: Provide options for Standard (4×6), Large (8×10), or Poster-sized (24×36) prints, accommodating diverse display preferences.
  • Photo Finish Preferences: Cater to individual tastes with glossy, matte, or luster finishes, allowing customers to curate the aesthetic of their photo collection.
  • Digital Format Preferences: Address digital needs by offering JPEG, PNG, or TIFF formats, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and applications.
  • Special Instructions or Comments: Allow customers to provide specific details, ensuring photographers capture the essence of their vision. This feature adds a personal touch to each order.

Offering diverse packages, add-ons, and customization options, this form ensures that each photo tells a unique story. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with WPForms to access the Photo Package Order Form Template and thousands of other templates for your site.