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Feature Request Form Template

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Are you looking for a feature request form template to use on your website? A feature request form gives customers the chance to share their product feedback and make new feature requests they think would be useful to have with a given product or service.

Such a form can help businesses create new features they may not have otherwise considered.

What Is a Feature Request Form?

Feature request forms give customers a place to request additional functionality or integrations for a product or service they already use.

During product development, companies spend a lot of time thinking about user experience and how users will engage with their products. Sometimes, though, the customer thinks of something during everyday use that would improve their workflow and be beneficial to other users.

A feature request form lets customers specify a product and provide a detailed description of their proposed new feature, a chain of new features, or an improvement on an existing product. Product feature requests are a great way of gathering new ideas and user feedback from customers, clientele, and employees.

What Should Be Included in the Feature Request Form?

With our feature request form template, you get the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Select your product (dropdown box)
  • Feature requested (Single line of text box)
  • How the feature would work (paragraph text box)

Of course, all of our templates are fully customizable. Using our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder, you can add and remove fields in a matter of seconds.

For example, it would be easy to start with the feature request form template and customize it to become an internal product request form. Such a form could encourage your team members to contribute fresh ideas to improve your product.

Customizing this feedback form requires no coding knowledge or technical know-how.

Feature Request Process

Not only is the feature request form a good way to get ideas, but it can also become an important part of how your team operates. When a user submits a feature request form, it might trigger a workflow within your overall project management.

After you collect feedback, the product development team can take it, prioritize suggestions, and begin making enhancements to the existing product.

Feature Request Form Use Cases

While customer feedback is useful in all industries, feature request forms are especially useful for digital products. For example:

  • Software
  • Mobile apps
  • Plugins
  • SaaS tools

By using a form to collect feature requests, your entries stay organized until you’re ready to review and prioritize feature suggestions.

Use the WPForms Feature Request Form Template

Use the WPForms feature request template to create and customize forms that will help you gather ideas for bettering your products. It will also help you understand your clientele better, enabling you to create a stronger bond with them.

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