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TV Show Feedback Form Template

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The TV Show Feedback Form Template by WPForms is a great tool for producers, directors, and network executives who want to gather viewer feedback on their shows easily.

How Does the TV Show Feedback Form Template Work?

The TV Show Feedback Form Template requires the WPForms Basic License since it uses numerous Fancy Fields to collect detailed feedback from viewers. Here’s a brief description of the fields included:

  • Personal Information:
    • Full Name: Collects the viewer’s full name.
    • Email Address: Used for communication and follow-up.
    • Phone Number: Contact number for additional queries.
    • Your Age: Confirms the viewer’s age.
  • Show Details:
    • Show Title: The name of the TV show being reviewed.
    • Episode Number: The specific episode being reviewed.
    • Date Watched: The date the episode was watched.
    • Platform Watched On: The platform used to watch the episode (e.g., Netflix).
  • Feedback:
    • Overall Rating: Viewer’s rating of the episode.
    • Favorite Character: The character the viewer liked the most.
    • Favorite Scene: The scene the viewer enjoyed the most.
    • Suggestions for Improvement: Viewer’s suggestions for improving the show.
    • Additional Comments: Any extra comments or feedback from the viewer.

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