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Educational Toys Order Form Template

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Price: $24.99
This DIY kit lets kids build their own model of the solar system, paint it, and then display it to learn about space and the planets.
Price: $45.50
A set of colorful magnetic blocks that can be used to create a wide range of shapes and structures, encouraging creativity and spatial reasoning.
Price: $89.95
This interactive globe comes with a smart pen that children can use to learn about countries, capitals, and interesting facts about different parts of the world.
Price: $60.75
A beginner's microscope kit that comes with everything needed to start exploring the microscopic world, including prepared slides and tools.
Price: $35.40
A fun, engaging game that helps children practice their math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, through puzzles.

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The Educational Toys Order Form Template by WPForms is designed for startup businesses like toy stores that want to create a simple customer order experience via an all-in-one form that collects order details, personal information, payments, and more!

How Does the Educational Toys Order Form Template Work?

The Educational Toys Order Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Coupons Addon to help users select their specified toys, define their quantities, enter discount codes, and finally, their payment information. Fields include:

  • Order Details: Customers can select toys and quantities for their exact requirements.
  • Full Name: Acquire the name of the person placing orders to personalize the experience.
  • Email Address: Ensures a direct line for sending confirmations and updates about the order.
  • Phone Number: A crucial detail in case immediate contact regarding the order is needed.
  • Destination Address: To enter the location where the educational toys will be delivered.
  • Delivery Requests: Any specific instructions for the delivery can be noted here.
  • Discount Code: Use “50OFF” for a demonstration on how customers can apply discounts.
  • Confirmation: A simple verification step for customers to review their orders.
  • Total Amount: An order summary that calculates the cost, including any applied discounts.
  • Payment Information: Securely enter Credit Card details for easy payment processing.

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