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Employee Directory Form Template

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Do you want to create an employee directory for your company? The easiest way to collect the necessary information is with the employee directory form template from WPForms. Best of all, the form is customizable for whatever information you want to capture.

What Goes on an Employee Directory Form Template?

An employee directory typically contains basic contact information for every employee, but needs can differ from company to company. The good news is that there’s no one way to do it, which means there’s no one way to set up your form.

Our employee directory form template starts by asking for names and basic contact information, such as email, phone, and address. If you prefer to note in your directory which type of phone number is listed, there’s also a field for employees to select whether their preferred phone is home, mobile, or office.

After collecting information about the employee’s department and role, the form asks for any committees on which they’ve served, and when.

The template is simple enough to create a basic employee directory. If you want to include different information, however, it’s easy to do. All of our forms are 100% customizable. The user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder makes it a breeze to add the fields you want and remove or change the ones you don’t.

For example, one modification you could make is to add a file upload field and request that each employee upload a photo to use in the directory, as well.

You could also give them a way to opt out of including all or part of their information if they’d rather keep addresses and phone numbers confidential.

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