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Recruiting Intake Form Template

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Need a recruiting intake form template for your website? If you’re a recruiting firm helping businesses find the best employees, having a recruiting intake form to send to those businesses can make your process more efficient. Embed it directly on your website for easy access every time clients have a new role to share.

What Is a Recruiting Intake Form Template?

A recruiting intake form template is something that recruiting firms can send to businesses to fill out regarding their job openings. Using the template ensures that you’re receiving consistent and uniform responses from your clients so that you have all the information you need.

The recruiting intake form itself is something that recruiters use to gain a full 360-degree view of a job opening.

First, the client fills the form out with as much information as they can provide. This information includes the job title and department, as well as basic information such as the hire-by date, salary or wage, whether any internal candidates are being considered for the role, and how many rounds of interviews the client plans to hold.

The client then has the opportunity to answer more questions about the role, such as what skills, minimum qualifications, and experience are required, what tools or software will be needed, any growth opportunities that exist, and whether there are any hiring dealbreakers.

The more detail the client provides, the better the recruiter is able to find an ideal candidate for them.

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