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Music Licensing Agreement Form Template

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Licensee Information

Entity/Individual obtaining the license
Mailing Address

Details of the Musical Work

Purpose/Use of the Music

Licensing Agreement

The Music Licensing Agreement Form Template from WPForms has been designed to facilitate the smooth transition of musical rights from licensors to licensees.

How Does the Music Licensing Agreement Form Template Work?

To begin with, we’ve emphasized clear identification with the Licensee Information section. Here, users can input all relevant personal details like their full name, email address, phone number, and mailing address. This provides a clear record for both parties involved, assuring transparency in every step.

Then comes the essence, the Details of the Musical Work section. This space is dedicated to documenting the specifics of the piece in question. From its title, the genius behind its composition, its duration, to when it was released and its unique ISRC code, every facet gets its deserving spotlight.

Understanding the context of use is crucial. That’s where the Purpose/Use of Music section steps in. It is not enough to know who wants the music, but it’s also imperative to comprehend where, how, and to what extent it’s intended to be used. This allows the licensor to gauge the scope of the license.

Finally, ensuring the legality and commitment of the agreement is of utmost importance. With the Licensing Agreement section, parties can read, understand, and digitally sign the agreement, making it legally binding. A simple checkbox to acknowledge agreement terms, followed by a digital signature field (a feature unlocked with WPForms Pro and the Signature Addon), further ensures the legitimacy of the process.

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