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Love Calculator Form Template

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Exploring the realms of romance and compatibility can be intriguing. This is where the WPForms’ Love Calculator Form Template comes in, which is perfect for websites centered around lifestyle, entertainment, or relationships.

How Does the Love Calculator Form Template Work?

The Love Calculator Form Template utilizes the Calculations Addon, made accessible via the WPForms Pro license, to help cupid-struck individuals determine whether the person they like would suit them. Fields include:

  • Your Name: It’s the first step in the love compatibility journey, adding a personal touch to the love calculation.
  • Their Name: Here, users enter the name of the person they’re curious about. This could be a partner, crush, or friend.
  • Love Compatibility Score:
    • Based on the names entered, an auto-calculated score is generated, representing the compatibility level. It’s a fun, algorithm-based number that adds excitement to the user experience.
    • Depending on the compatibility score, this section displays statements like “Maybe you’re better off as friends?” or “You both have strong compatibility!” It provides a playful conclusion to the calculation.
  • Email Address: This field allows users to leave their email to receive compatibility results or subscribe to future couple advice.

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