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Incident Report Form Template

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Incident Details

Date / Time of the Incident
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Parties Involved

Was anyone injured during the incident?
Was any property damaged during the incident?
Were any actions taken during the incident?

Reporting Information

Name of Person Reporting the Incident

In today’s world, unforeseen incidents can occur at any time, whether it’s a workplace accident, a security breach, or an unexpected event. To effectively manage these situations, your website needs a system for reporting these incidents.

Introducing the Incident Report Form Template from WPForms. This form template simplifies the reporting process, ensuring that crucial information is captured accurately and promptly.

Navigating the Incident Report Form Template

Our Incident Report Form is a critical asset for any website, especially if you run a business, organization, or have a community that interacts online. With this form, you’re guaranteed to gather these important elements:

  • Timely Documentation: This Incident Report Form allows users to report incidents promptly by providing essential details such as the incident’s date, time, and location. This ensures that incidents are documented while the information is still fresh.
  • Comprehensive Descriptions: Users can describe the incident in detail, attaching photos or videos for additional context. This comprehensive information is vital for analysis and future action.
  • Identification of Parties: This reporting form captures the names of people involved, inquiring about injuries and property damage. This helps in assessing the impact of the incident and planning necessary responses.
  • Action Taken: The form records actions taken during the incident, such as notifying the police or providing medical treatment. This information is crucial for accountability and future prevention.
  • Efficient Reporting: Gathering the names of witnesses ensures that there are independent accounts of the incident, which can be valuable in investigations and insurance claims. Overall, this form streamlines the reporting process, making it user-friendly and accessible.

How to Build an Incident Report Form

WPForms takes the guesswork out of a creating an incident report form by providing a ready-to-use template. You can have your online incident report form up and running in just a few steps:

  1. Select the Incident Report Form Template
  2. Customize your incident report form
  3. Configure your form settings
  4. Publish your form and start collecting information

Choosing the Incident Report Form Template is as simple as clicking a button. Once it loads in our handy drag-and-drop form builder, you can customize it however you like. Add more fields, change the options on existing ones, or delete ones you don’t need.

Make sure to visit the form settings, where you can create a custom email notification so users receive a copy of their incident reports after submitting your form. You can also set up a confirmation message with any next steps they need to take following the incident.

Then all that left is to embed your form wherever you like. The WPForms block makes it easy to add your form to any post, page, or widget area simply by selecting it from a dropdown.

Don’t wait until an incident occurs! Sign up with WPForms and start using an Incident Report Form Template on your website today to enhance incident management and overall security.