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Fundraising Sponsor Form Template

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Do you want to accept fundraising donations from sponsors directly through your website? If so, then you need the Fundraising Sponsor Form Template from WPForms.

With this form on your site, sponsors can enter their donation amount and make a payment all in one go.

Using the Fundraising Sponsor Form Template

Our form template comes pre-made with all of the fields and functions you need to collect donations.

  • Contact Information: The form begins by capturing crucial contact details, by including the Contact Name, Email, and Phone fields. These details lay the foundation for meaningful and personalized communication with your potential sponsors. Additionally, for corporate contributors, the form accommodates Company Name and Company Address fields.
  • Flexible Donation Amounts: We understand the diversity of contributions that sponsors may wish to make. The Donation Amount field is customizable, allowing sponsors to input the precise amount they want to contribute. This flexibility caters to a wide range of budgets and ensures inclusivity in your fundraising campaign.
  • Payment Processing with Stripe: The integration of the Stripe Credit Card field ensures a secure and convenient payment process. This feature not only simplifies the donation process for sponsors but also instills confidence in the security of their financial transactions. A seamless payment experience encourages higher participation in your fundraising initiatives.
  • Streamlined Fundraising Management: By incorporating this form into your website, you’re not just collecting information; you’re creating an efficient system for managing your fundraising efforts. The organized structure of the form allows you to easily track and manage sponsor details, ensuring a smooth and transparent fundraising process.

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