Employment Verification Form Template

Use our employment verification form template to prove that someone is or was employed.

What Is an Employment Verification Form?

An employment verification form is used to certify a current or previous employee’s income and employment history. Also known as a proof of income or employment history letter, they are used by 3rd parties to ensure an individual has an income.

Check out the template below:

Form Preview

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Employer's Email
Employer's Contact Number

Employment Verification

Business Name
When did the employee start?
If so, how much?
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Pay stubs, tax statements or returns, social security confirmations, bank statements, etc.


How Does the Employment Verification Form Work?

The idea of this form is easy. If you need someone to verify their employment, simply send the link to your form. Next, they’ll send it to their employer to fill it out. Lastly, once the employer has submitted the form, you will receive all the details in an organized fashion via email.

Use This Template