Employee Acknowledgement Form Template

Use this employee acknowledgement form to ask employees to sign and agree to the document you’ve shared with them. Our template is short, customizable to fit your terms, and can be filled out within minutes.

What Is an Employee Acknowledgement Form?

Companies occasionally need to share documents and send and track policies and procedure manuals to their employees. By using an acknowledgement form, you can receive confirmation that they’ve read and understood the document directly on the form – no paper required!

Check out the template below:

Form Preview

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What’s in Our Employee Acknowledgement Form?

Our employee acknowledgement template is simple and for good reason. It allows employees to fill the form out quickly and easily.

The form includes fields for the employee’s name, a checkbox to confirm they’ve read and accepted the terms, and a signature field. Tip: If your company doesn’t need a digital signature on the form, change it to a name field and ask the employee to print their name instead.

Use This Template