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Cosplay Competition Registration Form Template

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Residential Address

Cosplay Details

Competition Details

Music and Choreography

Agreements and Consents

Consent to Rules and Regulations of the Competition
Liability Waiver and Photo Release

The Cosplay Competition Registration Form Template by WPForms is designed for event organizers, costume exhibitions, comic con events, and cosplay events.

How Does the Cosplay Competition Registration Form Template Work?

The Cosplay Competition Registration Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License, and the Signature Addon, to make your next cosplay competition a spectacular success. Fields include:

  • Personal Information:
    • Full Name: Captures the participant’s legal name for official records.
    • Date of Birth: Ensures participants meet any age requirements.
    • Phone Number: To contact the participant for any urgent communications.
    • Email Address: To stay in touch with the participant leading up to the event.
    • Residential Address: Useful for sending any event-related materials or prizes.
  • Cosplay Details:
    • Character Name: The name of the character the participant will portray.
    • Series/Origin: Indicates the source material of the character.
    • Costume Description: A detailed account of the costume to be worn.
    • Construction Details: Insights into how the costume was made.
  • Competition Details:
    • Previous Participation: Asks if the participant has been part of the competition before.
    • Competition Category: The category in which the participant wishes to compete.
    • Age Division: Helps in placing participants in the correct age group.
    • Performance Description: A brief overview of what the performance will entail.
  • Music and Choreography:
    • Song Title and Artist: Details of the music to be used during the performance.
    • Choreographer’s Name: Credits the creator of the performance’s choreography.
    • Duration of Performance: Ensures the act fits within the allotted time limits.
  • Agreements and Consents:
    • Consent to Rules: A checkbox for participants to agree to the competition’s rules.
    • Liability Waiver: A statement releasing the event organizers from liability.
    • Signature and Date: A digital signature to participate under the outlined terms.

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