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Are you looking to gather and record information from users who have completed a course? If so, then you need the Completion Form Template from WPForms.

With this form, you can track your form submissions and user interactions, and then use these insights to optimize your courses, programs, and website.

Utilizing the Completion Form Template on Your Website

Our customizable form template is designed with user engagement in mind. It features essential fields to collect crucial information efficiently. Here’s a brief overview of its key elements and functions:

  • Personal Details: First, the Completion form collects the user’s name and email. These are crucial for user identification and contact purposes. Be sure to keep the fields marked as required.
  • Course/Program Information: The Course/Program Name and Course/Program Number are essential fields for tracking completion for specific courses or programs. Depending on your needs, these fields can be set as required or optional.
  • Date of Completion and Grade: These fields are vital for recording progress and assessing performance. Implement date pickers and grade selection options for user convenience.
  • Instructor and Institution Details: The Instructor Name and Institution Name provide valuable context. Make these fields required for users to fill out to ensure complete information.
  • User Signature: Requiring the user’s digital ensures that the course completion information being submitted is authorized and accurate.

By incorporating this Completion Form on your website, you can streamline the process of gathering essential information about course completions. It allows you to maintain organized records, improve communication with users, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your educational offerings.

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