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Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Form Template

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Endorsement Company Details

Company Contact Name
Company Address

Celebrity Agreement Details

Full Name of Celebrity
e.g. Specific activities and appearances the celebrity is expected to perform.
e.g. How the company can use the celebrity's name, likeness, and endorsement.
e.g. Celebrity not endorsing competing products during the contract period.

Agreement Authorizations

Termination Agreement
Clear Signature
Clear Signature

Leveraging the influence of celebrities can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and credibility. To formalize these powerful partnerships, it’s essential to have a clear and comprehensive agreement.

Introducing the Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Form Template

Our form template ensures all parties are on the same page, protecting both the endorsement company’s interests and the celebrity’s. Here’s how it works:

  • Endorsement Company Details: Form users begin by filling out the details of the endorsement company. They provide the company name, the contact person’s name, email address, phone number, and the company’s physical address. This information establishes a clear point of contact and official correspondence address.
  • Celebrity Agreement Details: Next, users provide the full name of the celebrity involved in the endorsement. They specify the agreement’s start and end dates to define the contract’s duration. Forms users also describe the endorsement services expected from the celebrity, detailing specific activities and appearances. They clearly outline the usage rights, indicating how the company can utilize the celebrity’s name, likeness, and endorsement in marketing and promotional materials. Additionally, this form includes an exclusivity clause section, to ensure the celebrity does not endorse competing products during the contract period.
  • Agreement Authorizations: This section formalizes the agreement. It includes a termination agreement, allowing the contract to be terminated with a 30-day notice or immediately under specific conditions such as breach, insolvency, or cessation of operations. Both parties should acknowledge that terms remain effective for any pending matters. The form concludes with spaces for the signature of the company representative and the celebrity, along with the dates of their signatures.

With the Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Form Template, you establish a binding agreement that clearly outlines the responsibilities and rights of both parties, ensuring a smooth and mutually beneficial partnership. Get the template by signing up with WPForms today!