Do you want to give your customers an easier way to order takeout from your restaurant? If so, you need a takeout order form. With WPForms’ takeout order form, people can forget about calling in their orders and instead check out your website, order the food they want, and come pick it up in person when it’s ready.

With WPForms’ takeout order form, find out exactly what people want to order from your restaurant and collect their contact information so you can start their order right away.

We have created a takeout order form demo below that you can use to easily get started without any technical knowledge.

What's in the Takeout Order Form Demo

Launch this form as-is or customize it to your heart's content!

Takeout Order Form Demo

With our simple Takeout Order Form Template you get the following form fields:

  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Choice
  • Name
  • Email
  • Address

Of course, this is just a takeout order form sample to get you started.

You can use our easy to use drag & drop form builder to add, remove, and customize the fields as needed.

For example, if you want to collect money from customers when they submit your takeout order form to prevent fake order submissions, integrate your takeout order form with either Stripe, PayPal, or both so people can pay directly on your form. Add Multiple Items or Single Item form fields to your takeout order form template, as well as a Total form field, so people always know what they’re ordering and how much it’s going to cost.

You can also add a Date / Time form field to your takeout order form so people that want to order from your restaurant, but pick their food up at a later time, can make that request. To make things easier on you, integrate your takeout order form with a Google Calendar and use the Zapier addon to automatically add all orders with a time to your calendar so you never miss an order.

If you’re looking to increase your customer base, and add some social proof to your website, you can also add a Rating form field to your takeout order form template so people that have ordered from you in the past can rate your restaurant. Better yet, enable smart conditional logic to display a Rating form field if someone answers “Yes” to a question about ordering online from you in the past.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today to create your own takeout order form. Bonus, we’ll give you our takeout order form template and over 100+ other pre-made form templates!

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