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Weight Gain Calculator Form Template

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Achieving a healthy weight goal can be a well-structured journey with the right tools, such as a weight gain goal calculator. That’s where WPForms comes in!

The Weight Gain Calculator Form Template from WPForms is designed to assist nutritionists, personal trainers, and health enthusiasts create a tailored weight gain plan.

How Does the Weight Gain Calculator Form Template Work?

Enhanced with the Lead Forms Addon and Calculations Addon, this template segments the form into clear sections and provides auto-calculated results, simplifying the process of weight gain planning. Fields include:

  • Personal Information
    • Name: This personalizes the form, making the user’s experience more engaging and tailored.
    • Email: Users can enter their email to receive their plan from the weight gain calculator or further health-related information.
    • Gender: This input tailors the calculations to gender-specific metabolic rates and body composition differences.
    • Age: Age affects metabolism and muscle mass, influencing how the body gains weight.
  • Weight Gain Details
    • System (Imperial/Metric): Users can choose their preferred measurement system used with the weight gain calculator, ensuring familiarity and ease of use.
    • Height: Depending on the system chosen, height is entered in feet and inches (imperial) or centimeters (metric), a fundamental metric for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI).
    • Weight: Current weight is crucial in setting a baseline for the weight gain journey. It is entered in pounds (lbs) for imperial or kilograms (kg) for metric.
    • Goal Weight: Users define their desired weight, setting a clear target for the weight gain plan.
    • Goal Date: This field allows users to set a time frame for their weight gain goal, either by selecting a duration (from 1 week to 1 year) or choosing a specific date.
    • Activity Level: This dropdown includes options like Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately Active, or Very Active, affecting daily calorie needs.
    • BMR Formula: Users can select between Mifflin-St. Jeor and Harris-Benedict Revised formulas to calculate Basal Metabolic Rate, a key factor in weight management.
  • Auto-Calculations
    • Weight Recap: A summary of the current and goal weights, offering a quick overview of the user’s objectives.
    • Goal Time (In Days): Auto-calculated duration to reach the goal weight, providing a clear timeline.
    • To Maintain Weight (calorie/day): This auto-calculated field indicates the number of calories needed to maintain the current weight.
    • Calorie Surplus (calorie/day): Shows the additional calories needed daily to reach the goal weight.
    • Calorie Needed to Gain Weight: The total daily calorie intake required for the user to gain weight, combining maintenance calories and surplus.

If you or your website visitors are looking to put on some extra mass, a weight gain goal calculator is the answer! Sign up with WPForms today and access the Weight Gain Calculator Form Template, which is a valuable addition to websites focused on health and wellness. It guides users in a structured manner towards their weight gain goals.