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Volunteer Contact Information


Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name

Volunteer Details

Which days of the week are you available?
What time of day do you prefer?
What are your areas of interest?

Volunteer Authorizations

Background Check
Liability Wavier

Volunteers are the backbone of many organizations, and we’re excited to help your website visitors get involved. Our Volunteer Form Template streamlines the sign-up process and helps you match a volunteer’s skills and interests with your organization’s needs.

What Goes Into the Volunteer Form Template?

When you employ this Volunteer Form on your website, your form users will encounter these key components:

  • Volunteer Contact Information: First, your potential volunteer provides their full name, phone number, email address, and current address. Each of these points of contact is ideal for your records.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Next, your form user inputs the name and phone number of an emergency contact person. They can also provide an email address if they’d like. This way, you have important information on hand in the case of an emergency.
  • Volunteer Details: One key aspect of this form template is the ability for the volunteer to select the days of the week they’re available, along with their preferred time of day. They’ll also indicate their areas of interest from options like Youth, Special Needs, Recreational, and more. Lastly, your form user is asked to describe their skills and qualifications, so that you know where to appropriately utilize them.
  • Volunteer Authorizations: Finally, your potential volunteer must consent to a background check and acknowledge the liability waiver by checking a box for each. They’ll also provide their digital signature before submitting the form, offering you multiple layers of permission and protection.

If you utilize our Volunteer Form Template on your organization’s website, you’ll drastically simplify your recruitment process and start matching volunteers effectively. And since this is a WPForms template, you can customize any part of this form to include the criteria and requirements that are specific to your organization.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with WPForms today to gain access to this and a library full of other form templates to use on your website.