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Uber Vehicle Inspection Form Template

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Vehicle Information

Vehicle Condition

Exterior Condition
Brake Fluid
Windshield Fluid
Transmission Fluid
Windshield Glass
Turn Signals
Head Lights
Tail Lights
Door Locks
Exhaust System
Interior Condition
Oil Level
Power Steering Fluid
Battery Fluid
Windshield Wipers
Emergency Flashers
Parking Lights
Brake Lights
Steering Wheel Play
Hand Brake
Tire Pressure
Seat Belts

Submission Details

Inspected by

Do you need an easy form to complete inspections for Uber vehicles? Out of all the tasks a rideshare driver must undertake, ensuring the safety and reliability of their vehicle is the most important.

That’s where our Uber Vehicle Inspection Form Template from WPForms is a game-changer!

Using the Uber Vehicle Inspection Form Template

These are just a few of the reasons why you need this form template on your website:

  • Vehicle Safety and Compliance: The Uber Vehicle Inspection Form covers a comprehensive checklist of crucial components, ranging from exterior conditions to fluid levels, lights, brakes, and interior conditions. By meticulously inspecting each item, drivers can identify any potential issues that may compromise the safety or functionality of their vehicle.
  • Streamlined Inspection Process: Gone are the days of pen-and-paper checklists or clunky spreadsheets. The intuitive format of this form simplifies the inspection process, allowing drivers to quickly assess each component and mark its condition as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
  • Prompt Identification of Maintenance Needs: One of the standout features of the Uber Vehicle Inspection Form is the field for describing unsatisfactory items. In the event of a component failing to meet the satisfactory criteria, drivers can provide detailed descriptions of the issue.
  • Efficient Submission and Documentation: After completing the inspection, drivers can easily submit the form with their details, including the inspector’s name, email, and inspection date. This streamlined submission process ensures that inspection records are promptly documented and easily accessible for reference.

Whether it’s for personal records or compliance purposes, having a digital trail of vehicle inspections can provide invaluable peace of mind for drivers and regulatory authorities alike.

So, what are you waiting for? Start facilitating Uber vehicle inspections today! Signing up with WPForms grants you access to this form template and thousands of other templates for your small business and gigs.