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Training Acknowledgement Form Template

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Introducing the Training Acknowledgement Form Template from WPForms. If you ever offer or require training for employees or members of your organization, then you need to utilize this form.

How Can I Use the Training Acknowledgement Form Template?

A Training Acknowledgement Form is used to officially confirm that an individual has received and understood certain training or information. It serves as a record that the participant has completed the required training, understands the topic, and agrees to comply with the policies, procedures, or guidelines covered in the training session.

This form is often utilized in various settings, such as businesses, education, or nonprofits, to ensure accountability and compliance with training requirements.

You can further edit the Training Acknowledgement Form to reflect the specifics of your organization, or you can start using the form straight away. It contains all of the fields needed to use it now.

First, the form user enters the employee’s name, email, and phone number. The training topic and trainer’s name are provided next on the form, along with the date of the training and the date of the training acknowledgment.

Then, the form gets to its main purpose: the acknowledgments. Here, form users must check three boxes that confirm the following:

  • I agree to the terms and conditions of this training
  • I acknowledge the responsibility of training materials
  • I have completed the training to the best of my ability

For an additional layer of security, the Training Acknowledgement Form requires the employee’s signature to submit the document.

But if you’re unfamiliar with using digital signatures on your forms, don’t worry. We’ve included some internal information only visible to you within the form builder to help you get the most out of signatures.

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