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Study Abroad Application Form Template

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Personal Information

Full Name
Permanent Address

Educational Background

Program Details

Purpose & Agreement

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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.

The Study Abroad Application Form Template by WPForms helps simplify the application process for students dreaming of studying abroad.

How Does the Study Abroad Application Form Template Work?

Designed to streamline administrative tasks, this template is powered by the WPForms Pro License and enhanced with the Signature Addon for secure submissions. Fields include:

  • Personal Information:
    • Name: Captures the applicant’s full name for identification.
    • Date of Birth: Helps determine eligibility based on age.
    • Gender: For demographic purposes and accommodation planning.
    • Phone Number & Email Address: Crucial for direct communication with the applicant.
    • Nationality: Important for visa and travel arrangements.
    • Passport Number: Necessary for international travel documentation.
    • Permanent Address: To keep on record for official correspondence.
  • Educational Background:
    • Current Institution: Understanding the student’s current academic environment.
    • Field of Study: Gives insight into the student’s academic interests.
    • Year of Study: To ensure the program fits the student’s academic progression.
    • GPA: Academic performance indicator for eligibility.
  • Program Details:
    • Destination Country: The country where the student wishes to study.
    • Program Duration: Specifies the length of the study abroad program.
    • Program Name: Identifies the specific program applied for.
    • Language of Instruction: Important for language preparation and support.
  • Purpose & Agreement:
    • Statement of Purpose: An essay that provides the goals for studying abroad.
    • Academic References: Allows uploading of recommendation letters for credibility.
    • Passport-Size Photo: Required for identification and application processing.
    • Agreement Checkbox: Confirms the applicant’s agreement with the terms/conditions.
    • Signature and Date: Formally binds the application with a digital signature.

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