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Student Records Request Form Template

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Student Information

Student Name

Parent Information

Parent/Guardian Name

Records Request

Transcripts, IEP, Medical Records, Etc.
Enrollment, Transfer, Etc.

Do you want to process requests for student records directly from your website? Then you need the Student Records Request Form Template from WPForms.

This type of form is usually used by educational institutions to provide students and their families with access to their educational records, with student information including their transcripts, immunizations, and more.

What Goes Onto a Student Records Request Form?

On our Student Records Request Form, we’ve organized the fields and questions related to the request into three main sections: Student Information, Parent Information, and Records Request.

In the Student Information section, your form user will fill out the following fields:

  • Student Name (required)
  • Student ID (required)
  • Student Date of Birth
  • School Name
  • Student Grade/Class (Pre-K through College)

With this information, you can quickly locate and provide accurate student records thanks to a handful of important identifiers.

Next, the parent information is provided with these fields:

  • Parent/Guardian Name (required)
  • Parent/Guardian Email (required)
  • Parent/Guardian Phone

This way, you have the contact details of the student’s parent or guardian in case you need to verify information or ask for certain permissions.

Finally, your form user gets to the purpose of this form: The records request. In this section, these fields are imperative:

  • Requested Records (Transcripts, IEP, Medical Records, Etc.)
  • Reason for Request (Enrollment, Transfer, Etc.)
  • Contact Email

And since this is a WPForms template, it’s incredibly easy to edit and customize any of the fields you see on this form. Perhaps you’d like to gather more information about the nature of the request, such as what school, person, or other party is receiving the student records. Utilize the user-friendly form builder to change up this form however you need.

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