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Need a way for employees to request software from your IT department? The software request form template from WPForms is easy to embed on your WordPress site and streamlines the request process.

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What Goes on a Software Request Form Template?

Rather than field emails containing requests, especially in a large organization, it’s much easier to embed a software request form template on your site or employee portal. Because the form collects all the information you need, it simplifies the process, eliminates email back-and-forth, and helps you get the software to those who need it.

So what information do you need to collect on a software request form template?

First, make sure you collect the employee’s name, contact details, and department. If you’re in a large organization and people share common names, you’ll be glad to have the extra identifying information.

It’s also useful to track whether people in the same department are requesting that software. If so, that can help you make the decision to provide it by default to that department.

Although the software request itself is important, it’s equally important to include a question about their operating system on the form. To make sure you’re getting them the correct install, always ask.

After they list the software they need and submit the form, you’re ready to go. You can log that request manually or connect the form to a third-party app to help with automation if you want.

The software request form template can be used as-is, but if you need to make changes, you can. With our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder, you can edit the form to suit your needs.

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